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Happy Customers

What they're saying

Not only are they extremely professional and responsive but they adapt and over come to every challenge we’ve thrown their way.

Zachary Maurer

They are efficient, detail-oriented, and soooooo creative! I have been asked so many times by others about our film ever since we got our first sneak peek the day after the wedding. I highly recommend them as they truly are the coolest individuals to work with!

The Coles

Our wedding film is better than we could have even imagined! It captures our personalities perfectly and I can’t wait to show it to everyone I know!

The Clarks

Our Team Members

Daze Filmography and The Right Angle Photography has partnered to make a dream team of professionals who cover a wide range of media services. 

Zachary Ryan

Daze Filmography

Danielle Nicole

Daze Filmography

Meet the Team


Come take a look at the various edit options we have for both life and business. We have teamed up with The Right Angle Photography and now are the new home for Danielle Clark Filmography.



Between capturing sound, aiming for perfect lighting, and pursuing the best shot; Videography is our most fast paced style of filming we do. Typically most of our videography services cover weddings, engagements, and live artist events.


With scheduled planning, ample resets to get the perfect shot, and time for lighting adjustments our cinematography film style offers a refined final vision of your project. This style of filming is seen in our marketing and branding materials, music videos and our styled boudoir shoots.


Our photography offers a wide range of options thanks to our partnership with Michalea from The Right Angle Photography. We cover many services including Wedding, Engagement, Branding, Marketing, Portrait, Special Events, and Boudoir. For more info see Michalea @ The Right Angle Photography


No film is great without superb audio to back it! With our degreed professionals and industry standard equipment we can ensure quality and clarity when delivering your final project.


As a business we believe in collaborating in order to deliver a superior product. When working with others we see some of out best film and photo work come to fruition. Without our partners we wouldn't be where we are today!


From wedding couples, small businesses or even music groups, each of our clients have helped us grow a community of not only customers but friends and individuals we can help recommend and grow from! We like to refer others, as most of our business started this way.

Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Daze Media provides local and travel based 

Videography | Cinematography | Photography

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Prior to the meeting, Dani was a self-made business owner already making her start in the film business, Zac, fresh from school an audio engineer with a master's degree in business, both with dreams to work for themselves.


As engineers in both audio and video, Dani and Zac originally met between the Three Rivers at a Fort Wayne, IN brewery, Hop River. After a night of good drinks, better food, and a music jam sesh with Dani on drums and Zac on guitar Daze Filmography became a spark.

Wedding Videography

Our Wedding Services incorporate a variety of film and photo options including engagements, full length ceremonies, aerial drone shots, and even the best behind the scenes footage.

Band Photography

Our Dazed Artist Sessions help artists by producing media content with them - we help connect their fans through live event coverage, social media photography, and live studio sessions.

Boudior Photography

NYTE & Daze boudoir is an intimate way to share who you are! Our Boudoir Films can be a fun way to explore, save, and share a personal side of yourself with someone meaningful.

Here you can find a wide selection of film and photo options we have carefully built into series that help classify what you are specifically looking for!

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