Frequently Asked Questions

Who picks the music?

All music is licensed through a 3rd party and can be chosen by the client as long as it's within the provided library. The library can be linked to the client and available online.

When will I get my final product?

Each film project is unique and will have an agreed contracted term. For further info please see our contact page to to reach us.

Why is the RAW footage so expensive?

We consider RAW footage a part of our vast library of cataloged work and valued as assets. With assets holding value, value is held at a sellable cost.

How long does it normally take for a response?

We like to keep all responses with in normal business time frames listed on our contact page. Typical turn arounds are usually no more but up to 24 hours.

How do refunds work?

All refund information is listed in the agreed contract and can be found in your personal provided documents. If you are having trouble locating them feel free to reach out for duplicates.

Can we add or take away from our package?

We cannot take away from our packages but we are more than happy to work in any additions that you may want build onto it. Please reach out and we can work out the terms.  

Our Philosophy

Be true and never afraid to explore the feeling of raw authenticity.

Our Mission

Discover, inspire, and share the emotion of storytelling through film and picture.

What's going on?

During the 2021 and 2022 year we've been hard at work and getting through some huge growth and new content. We have teamed up with The Right Angle Photography and now are the new home for Danielle Clark Filmography. As time passes we hope to expand on these new outlets and share with you all the effort we have put in this last year. Stay tuned!


Our Blog

As you could imagine our hours and time frames are crazy! We like to respond to everyone as soon as possible. For best response feel free to email or text the following.