Take your pick when looking at our selection of film options we have carefully built into series-based genres that help classify what you are specifically looking for.

Services We Provide

Life Film Services

Our Life Film Services capture Engagement & Wedding ceremonies through the cinematic story telling of two partners coming together as one.

Business Film Services

Holding many categories this is our professional hired out service we provide that can range from aerial drone footage, live event coverage, real-estate photography and even marketing material and freelance work. 

Boudoir Film Services

Danielle Clark, Clark Boudoir Films partners with Michalea The Right Angle Photography to offer exquisite and tasteful photo and film collaboration of intimate art.

Partnered Film Services

Daze Filmography has a proudly partnered with The Right Angle Photography and is excited to offer an expanded collection of collaborative services available for purchase. 

Here we have broken up our services into easy sub-categories based on individual client needs. You can learn briefly here about each of the sub-categories in order to find and understand exactly what you are looking for. Let's get started on your film!


Talk to us about saving when combining two or more packages. It is common to see Engagement and Wedding Packages purchased together. Also see us about adding Boudoir as a Wedding Gift for a loved one.


As you could imagine our hours and time frames are crazy! We like to respond to everyone as soon as possible. For best response feel free to email or text the following.