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Our Wedding and Engagement services offer a collaboration of photo and film options to newly partnered couples. To offer a better experience to our clients we have teamed up with The Right Angle Photography.

Dazed Artist Sessions offer film and photo coverage to a variety of genres including live event coverage, artist photography, studio videos, and marketing media for social content.

NYTE & Daze Boudoir partners with Michalea at The Right Angle Photography to offer exquisite and tasteful photo and film collaboration of intimate art.

Daze Media Services has a proudly partnered with The Right Angle Photography and is excited to offer an expanded collection of collaborative services available for purchase between our boudoir and wedding packages.

About The

Services We Provide

Here we have broken up our services into easy sub-categories based on individual client needs. You can learn briefly here about each of the sub-categories in order to find and understand exactly what you are looking for. Let's get started on your film!


Our Available Media


Take your pick while looking at our wide selection of film and photo options we have carefully built into series-based genres that help classify what you are specifically looking for.

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