As engineers in both audio and video, Dani and Zac met between the Three Rivers at a Fort Wayne, IN brewery, Hop River. After a night of good drinks, better food, and a music jam sesh, Daze Filmography was born. 

Prior to the meeting, Dani was a self-made business owner with two years in the film business, while Zac, an audio engineer with a master's degree, had been working a job in audio.


After meeting as time flew by and their connection grew stronger they combined their creative talents towards an amazing collaboration of new media outputs that they like to separate into basic easy-to-think-of categories. BUSINESS and LIFE.

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LIFE Film Packages

A few of our Life choices include The Wedding Collection and the Nostalgia Collection which incorporates a variety of film options from engagements to short gender reveal films.

BUSINESS Film Packages

As we put our suit and tie back on our Business services include Commercial Film Work, Aerial Drone Services, and Commercial Event Coverage.

CLARK Film Packages

Empowering yourself one film at a time. Our Boudoir Films can be a fun meaningful way to explore, save, and share a personal side of yourself.

Welcome to the "NEW" home for "Danielle Clark Filmography"

Nikki + Wilmer Cole


Danielle & Zac 100% exceeded our expectations not only with our final product film but their time with us on our wedding day! They made me and my husband feel so comfortable and we were able to be our true authentic selves.


Both Danielle & Zac guided us to get the best shots and offered their ideas all through the day! I don’t think they missed a single beat with capturing our crazy and energetic family. I do not have one complaint when it comes to this team!


They are efficient, detail-oriented, and soooooo creative! I have been asked so many times by others about our film ever since we got our first sneak peek the day after the wedding. I highly recommend them as they truly are the coolest individuals to work with!


Worth every penny They also work great with dogs on chaotic wedding days and that gives them extra points in my book!

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