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Happy Customers

What they're saying

Not only are they extremely professional and responsive but they adapt and over come to every challenge we’ve thrown their way.

Zachary Maurer

They are efficient, detail-oriented, and soooooo creative! I have been asked so many times by others about our film ever since we got our first sneak peek the day after the wedding. I highly recommend them as they truly are the coolest individuals to work with!

The Coles

I love how every time we watch the video we noticed a new detail in it. It is so fun and so perfect, it is so US!

The Tiffanys



At the heart of our craft, videography is a dynamic and fast-paced style of filming that demands meticulous attention to detail, expert handling of lighting, and a quest for the perfect shot. Our videography services primarily focus on capturing the essence of weddings, engagements, and live artist events. With our expertise, we skillfully document these special moments, preserving the emotions and experiences in visually stunning and captivating videos.


Our cinematography film style reflects a refined approach to capturing your project, characterized by meticulous planning, precise shot composition, and meticulous attention to lighting. From marketing and branding materials to music videos and styled boudoir shoots, this style elevates the final vision, ensuring a visually stunning result that encapsulates the essence of your project. With a focus on detail and a commitment to excellence, we create cinematic experiences that resonate with your audience.


Our photography services encompass a diverse array of options through our esteemed partnership with Michalea from The Right Angle Photography. With expertise in Wedding, Engagement, Branding, Marketing, Portrait, Special Events, and Boudoir photography, we provide comprehensive coverage for all your visual needs. For more detailed information, we invite you to explore Michalea's portfolio at The Right Angle Photography.


At our studio, we understand the significance of exceptional audio in creating a truly remarkable film. With our team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee the utmost quality and clarity in the audio of your final project. Rest assured that every detail of sound will be meticulously handled to enhance the overall impact and immerse your audience in an extraordinary audiovisual experience.


As a business, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve excellence in our craft. Through fruitful partnerships, we have witnessed the realization of some of our most exceptional film and photography projects. We acknowledge that our success is deeply intertwined with the support and contributions of our esteemed partners, who have played a pivotal role in shaping our journey and propelling us to where we stand today.


Our valued clientele, ranging from couples celebrating their weddings to small businesses and music groups, has been instrumental in fostering a vibrant community. Through their trust and support, we have not only gained loyal customers but also forged lasting friendships and connections. Our commitment to recommending and supporting others is deeply rooted in our origins, as many of our own business ventures were kick-started through such referrals.

Our Team Members

Daze Filmography and The Right Angle Photography has partnered to make a dream team of professionals who cover a wide range of media services. 

Zachary Ryan

Daze Filmography

Danielle Nicole

Daze Filmography

Meet the Team


Come take a look at the various edit options we have for both life and business. We have teamed up with The Right Angle Photography and now are the new home for Danielle Clark Filmography.

Before their serendipitous encounter, Dani was a driven self-made business owner making her mark in the film industry, while Zac, armed with a master's degree in business and a passion for audio engineering, was eager to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Their paths converged at Hop River, a Fort Wayne, IN brewery nestled amidst the Three Rivers, where a memorable evening of delightful libations, delectable cuisine, and an impromptu jam session unfolded, with Dani on drums and Zac on guitar. It was in that extraordinary moment that Daze Filmography was kindled, igniting their shared vision and creative partnership.

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