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To find us, simply head over to this link:

Dazed Artist Sessions


Or, you can search for "Dazed Artist Sessions" in the search bar at You'll be instantly transported to a world of captivating live and studio music videos that will leave you in awe. So don't wait any longer, come and join us on YouTube to experience the magic of Dazed Artist Sessions firsthand.


Artist Media Sessions

What Do We Do?

Get ready to rock with Dazed Artist Sessions, the ultimate provider of killer film coverage across all your favorite genres. Whether it's electrifying live events or intimate in-house studio sessions, we've got you covered. Dive into our meticulously curated options tailored to specific genres, ensuring the perfect setting that matches your unique style. Let's collaborate to create unforgettable nostalgic moments and make some truly rad memories together!


Our comprehensive film and photo coverage services are designed to cultivate social awareness and promote artists through tailored and customized media content. We are dedicated to creating engaging and impactful visuals that showcase the unique talents and stories of artists, helping to build their presence and connect with a wider audience. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to elevate artists' visibility and create a lasting impact through our specialized media services.



Yo, check it out! We're stoked to hook you up with a totally rad offer: a free live or in-house music video sesh! This insane opportunity gets you access to "ONE FREE SESSSION" with our killer team of videographers. We're gonna team up with you and create an epic visual masterpiece that captures the essence of your music, using all our gnarly skills and state-of-the-art gear. Get ready to blow minds!


Our team of kickass videographers and audio wizards work together flawlessly to bring you insane quality video of your live preformance. We're all about showcasing the true essence of your artistry. Get ready to take your music on a wild ride and let the world experience your raw talent like never before!


We're all about making sure your visuals are on point, delivering the most eye-catching outcome ever. Our in-house sessions give you the perfect vibe for that epic music video look, while still giving you the freedom to rock out with a full live set. It's like having the best of both worlds! We're here to capture your artistry in the most refined and mind-blowingly cool way possible.


After your free sesh, check out the rad lineup of epic packages we got for live and in-house studio sessions! We've put our hearts and souls into curating these totally awesome packages that are all about meeting your unique musician needs. Get ready for mind-blowing value and insane results like you've never seen before!

Apply for our "Dazed Sessions"

Our fellow music peeps! We're all about that constant growth, tryin' out new techniques, and lookin' for some sweet new inspiration. So listen up! Apply today to join us in our totally rad media trials as we take a deep dive into our art style! We're gonna explore some wild new ways to expand our services just for all of you! So come on board and let's rock this joint!

Adam Araque

Adam and his self titled two piece band slaying the stage of the Brass Rail as they round off their performance for the night.

Private Education

Guitarist: Loui Alayoubi for Private Education | Preforming live at Stans Room, Fort Wayne Indiana

Blue Chiip

Zach Maurer & Marshall Parks a Tech House DJ Duo with mad mixing skills.

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